Commercial & Residential Services For the Greater CSRA Area

Third-Generation Family-Owned, Southern Ridge Excavation is a full-service excavation company serving the Aiken, SC area. We provide exceptional, affordable service, all over the Greater CSRA area and beyond. We stand behind our service, quality, and our attention to detail. We are a small, experienced company who always put our customers and their needs above all else.


Site Preparation

When site preparation is done correctly, it will make every other activity very easy. We are well skilled in the activities of the clearing sites that includes grading, landscaping, and constructing roads and siding of an area of ground where anything previously located has been cleared to make the project site free of obstruction.

Erosion Control

We are experienced in working with all levels of land disturbance from residential development, to large industrial and commercial sites. Our proactive approach to service enables you to keep a rigorous construction schedule without distractions such as stop work orders or fines.

Prior to starting your project, we will present you with a budget estimate. You can proceed in confidence knowing your erosion and sediment measures meet all requirements at a cost-effective price.


We believe excavation and grading go hand-in-hand with the environmental protection of your project.

Our highly-trained operational, land clearing and grading staff can expertly clear a raw piece of wooded property, remove trees to prep the site for other processes (such as asphalt paving and storm drainage) and grade the land according to design plans.

Equine Site Services

Precision Laser Grading Arena, Custom Arena Footing, Arena Design and Construction, Equestrian Site Construction

Equestrian Arena Development

From arena design, to irrigation, footing installation, arena maintenance and arena grooming equipment

Brush Removal

Having a lot full of brush and trees that is difficult to walk through can be frustrating and dangerous. Snakes and small animals can be hard to see under a floor of forest. The best way to eliminate this problem is to clear your lot with our brush removal services. Once your lot is clear, the land and vegetation around it can flourish. In addition, the much will eventually decompose, adding more nutrients to the soil as the cycle of the brush life comes to an end.

Property Lot Clearing

Whether you’re looking to clear your lot to make more space, expand your yard, or you’re planning to build on the site, we have land and lot clearing services you can depend on. We work to ensure your property is cleared by your deadline. No matter how steep the terrain or how flat the land is on your property, we are capable of clearing the land of any formation.

Land Clearing Services

Our team can grade any type of land or terrain in a way that reduces the possibility of flooding or groundwater collection. We can remove bushes, brush, and other elements and grade to your needs. We have experience in clearing land for small residential areas or commercial tracts.

Installation – Pipe Excavation – Digging

When it comes to digging up your land, we effectively go to work fast. Our equipment and our team are top notch. We don’t cut corners. We offer the perfect combination of services for commercial and residential clients. We are also environmentally conscious and put in extra effort into preserving the environment around us.

Gravel Driveway Installation Services

Long driveways can be very expensive to install and depending on the costly materials used, can crack and damage easily. Using gravel as the main material when installing a new driveway is a great alternative to avoid paying too much for a driveway that will damage too easily. Gravel driveways are a fraction of the cost, long-lasting, able to withstand very heavy vehicles, and do not weather away easily due to exterior elements.

Gravel driveways are a great alternative that is both cost and maintenance efficient compared to paved driveways. You won't need to repair them since there is no concrete or asphalt service that will crack. They are great for both hot and cold weather so they hold up great.